Guts to Fight.
Heart to Lead.

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Meet Lee Bright

Lee Bright has proven he has the guts to fight the establishment politicians and power brokers in Washington for our conservative values. Like President Trump, Lee will work every day to drain the swamp in Washington even if he has to fight the leaders in his own party to do so. In Congress, Lee will make sure to protect the Christian Conservative values we hold dear. He always has and he always will. 

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Drain the Swamp

Do you agree with Trump that "The Swamp" in DC needs to be drained? If so, Lee is 100% in your corner. The political establishment in our nation's capitol has bled our country dry for years, and it's time for us to put an end to it! Once we've accomplished this, we'll be able to move our country back towards the constitutional values we hold dear. But in order to pull this off, we need to elect people who have an "offense" mindset, willing to take these swamp creatures head-on and without fear. Let's get to work!

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On the Issues

Lee Bright is known to be a conservative champion from his years in the South Carolina Senate. Time and time again, he has led the charge on protecting our gun rights, defending unborn children, cutting government spending, and limiting the government every way possible. Let's elect this proven fighter to DC so he can continue his efforts in our nation's capital!


Join Team Bright

Would you like to join our campaign as a volunteer? We would love to have your help as we fight to dethrone the political establishment! We need grassroots supporters to knock on doors, call voters, wave signs, and deliver yard signs. No matter what your interests are, please feel free to sign up today. We look forward to working with you!


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This is a grassroots campaign that relies on grassroots donations from people like you. Will you please help Lee Bright take on the political establishment with a small contribution today? Let's take on the DC Swamp together!