When you hear politicians speak about the economy, they bascially fall into one of two different categories: those who believe in the free market, and those who don't. It's honestly that simple. 

My basic belief is that we need to remove government from the free market as much as humanly possible. The free market is driven by competition, which doesn't happen when the government inserts itself into the equation by subsidizing certain industries. 

For example, let's look at taxes. I strongly believe that the lower the taxes are, the more healthy our economy will be. This will reult in more jobs, a soaring stock market, and overall economic security. The more we raise taxes, the more socialism tends to make its way into our country, which is not something I tolerate whatsoever. The Swamp thrives off politicians raising taxes, which results in the loss of jobs and prosperity. 

When I served in the State House, I voted against every single tax increase. Every single one. Anytime you hear a politician argue for raising your taxes (even by a single penny), just ask them why they're not cutting spending instead. There are PLENTY of government-run programs in DC that need to be cut, so I promise to never raise your taxes.

This is why I was the first candidate in this race to sign the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge", which is a pledge to oppose ALL efforts to raise taxes.