Gun Rights

Today, there's absolutely no doubt that our Second Amendment rights are under attack. The liberal media and activist groups have our gun rights in their crosshairs, so it's imperative that we do all we can to fight back!

When I served as a State Senator, I led the fight on this issue by sponsoring numerous bills that enhanced our Second Amendment rights. This allowed me to earn a rare A+ rating from the NRA in 2016, which is almost never given out to anyone. 

Regarding this issue with school shootings, to me the answer is very clear: allow teachers and security to practice their Second Amendment rights by carrying firearms. These shooters are going after supposed "gun-free" zones because they're cowards who like to prey on soft targets. So obviously the answer is to remove these gun-free zones and allow people to fight back. 

But you and I both know the liberals won't give up on this issue. They see the Second Amendment as archaic and out-of-date, and they won't rest until we end up like Britain or Australia. Well, I absolutely REFUSE to stand down and allow this to happen. You can be sure that I will be the most pro-gun member of Congress in the country and will fight to protect your right to bear arms.