President trump was elected largely because of his no-nonsense stance on immigration, and I agree with his policies 100%. It's time for us to have an "America-first" attitude, which means we need to ensure the safety and success of our nation by enacting common sense immigration laws. 

First, it's imperative to secure our southern border. As soon as humanly possible, we need to fund a border wall that helps ensure our country is protected from any outside threats. It's especially important to do this when ISIS is a threat across the world, along with drug traffickers and any other group or individual who wishes us harm. 

Second, we need to uphold the rule of law. This means we need to ensure justice is held in high regard and enforced in our country. I'm against ALL forms of amnesty and believe we shouldn't be forced to apologize for strictly enforcing the laws we have on the books. 

Third, our legal immigration system should be merit-based. So rather than having a random lottery determining who is allowed to legally enter our nation, we attract people with quality skills that will benefit our country without taking jobs from American workers.

When I served in the State House, I fought against all forms of amnesty and did everything in my power to ensure South Carolina was protected.