While many people view the abortion topic as being rather complex, I actually think it's a rather simple (but important) topic. ALL life begins at conception. Period. 

When I served in the State House, I was known for being THE pro-life champion, sponsoring numerous bills that protected unborn children. I stood in the way of Planned Parenthood at every single turn, constantly trying to cut off their funds and limit their murderous influence in our state. On many occasions, I fought with members of my own party to put an end to abortion, which is an effort I plan on continuing once elected to Congress. 

It seems like politicians in DC are never willing to do what it takes to protect the unborn, doesn't it? Why in the world are we still funding Planned Parenthood? Why are we not pushing as hard as we can to outlaw abortion completely? Enough is enough. 

This is a topic I am extremely passionate about, and I'm ready to take the reins on this issue in DC. The Constitution says that every citizen has the "right to life", and I plan on doing all I can to apply these words to children in the womb. Let's get to work!