It's no secret that politicians in DC are spending our money like a bunch of drunken sailors. It's absolutely absurd that our money is going towards Planned Parenthood, but we also fund numerous activities and efforts that we shouldn't be involved with at all. 

This most recent omnibus bill is the perfect example of government spending run amuck. Members fo Congress we're literally given a 2,232 page bill with only hours to read it. How many members do you think actually read this bill in such a small amount of time. You're probably guessing "zero" and I have to agree with you. 

But that's just one example out of hundreds. Simply put, there's an entire culture of corruption and spending in DC that has to be stopped. And what has this culture led to? A massive, multi-trillion dollar debt that places the entire future and security of our nation at risk. 

When I served in the State House, I voted "no" against numerous budgets and bills, simply because they were filled with unnecessary spending. Time and time again, I fought for the best interests of the taxpayers, which didn't exactly make me very popular with the crowd in Columbia. And when I'm in DC, I plan on standing in the gap for the taxpayers once again by fighting against the culture of excessive spending every chance I get.