The Swamp

Do you agree with Trump that "The Swamp" in DC needs to be drained? If so, I'm 100% in your corner. The political establishment in our nation's capitol has bled our country dry for years, and it's time for us to put an end to it!

As you might suspect, there are scores of lobbying firms, consultants, and activist organizations that constantly feed off taxpayer money for their own interests. This is why when I was in the State Senate, I constantly avoided meeting with anyone who wasn't a constituent. "Swamp creatures" are those who view elected officials as slot machines, rather than representatives of the people. Unfortunately, DC is teeming with these creatures, so Trump is definitely correct when he says the swamp needs to be drained.

So how exactly do we "drain the swamp"? Here are a few thoughts that immediately come to mind:

  • Replace establishment politicians with representatives who champion conservative values.
  • Defund numerous government agencies that serve no vital or constitutional function.
  • Put an end to bloated spending that feeds the corporations and organizations with an anti-American agenda. 

Once we've accomplished this, we'll be able to move our country back towards the constitutional values you and both hold dear. But on order to pull this off, we need to elect people who have an "offense" mindset, willing to take these swamp creatures head-on and without fear. Let's get to work!