Lee Bright Raises $126,459 in 16 Days

Spartanburg, SC – Christian Conservative Lee Bright released the following statement after announcing raising $126,459 in 16 days after announcing his run for Congress.

“The momentum in this race is clearly with Lee Bright after posting such high fundraising numbers in a short amount of time, combined with the campaign’s strong grassroots support,” said campaign spokesman Cameron Foster. “While some candidates in this race will rely on personal family wealth or insider money, Lee has support from all different levels of donors, including a robust online fundraising operation. Voters in Upstate South Carolina understand that they have an opportunity to send a conservative fighter to Washington, instead of another 'go along to get along' politician. Lee Bright is the best candidate to take on establishment politicians in both parties and fight to promote a conservative agenda, which is why Lee recently won a Greenville TEA Party straw poll.”

From Lee Bright’s announcement date on March 15th to the end of the quarter on March 31st, Lee Bright was able to raise $126,459. That equates to just over $7,800 raised per day. Bright for Congress will report $122,543 cash on hand. For press inquiries, contact Cameron Foster at Press@LeeBrightforCongress.com or by cell at 704-975-9700.