Lee Bright Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Spartanburg, SC – Christian Conservative Lee Bright released the following statement regarding the Taxpayer Protection Pledge:

“South Carolina voters are already benefiting from the tax cuts delivered earlier this year by President Trump,” said Lee Bright. “Unfortunately, there have been calls from Democrats and other liberal groups for the repeal of these tax cuts. We need to make sure that we are electing members of Congress who have committed to not raising taxes on hard working South Carolinians, which is why I signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge soon after announcing my candidacy.”

Bright continued, “While many politicians talk a big game, I have proven that I have the guts to fight for the conservative agenda that voters in South Carolina support. During my time in the South Carolina Senate, I fought time and time again against higher taxes, even fighting those in my own party when I needed to. If elected, I will continue that fight in Congress.”

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge started in 1986 with the endorsement of President Reagan and currently signed by five Republican Members of Congress from South Carolina. Lee Bright is currently the only candidate who has signed the pledge.

Lee Bright has spent his entire political career fighting liberals and establishment politicians. In the legislature, Lee led the charge on issues important to his constituents, including fighting to protect our right to bear arms, protecting the lives of the unborn, and making sure that every tax dollar was spent responsibly. And, even though many said it was futile, Lee Bright has pushed relentlessly for the Freedom of Choice Healthcare Act to “opt-out” of Obamacare.

A life-long resident of Spartanburg, Lee Bright is married and has two children. He operates a logistics company as well as an independent insurance agency based in South Carolina. A member of Roebuck Baptist Church, Lee has served as a board member of the Palmetto Family Council, Attorney General’s Commission on the Family, and served on the Southeastern Baptist Seminary Board of Visitors.

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