Rep. Thomas Massie Endorses Lee Bright’s Campaign

Urges Voters in the 4th District to Elect Lee Bright and Send a True Conservative Fighter to Congress

Greenville, SC - Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) did a radio interview this morning with 106.3 FM to endorse Lee Bright for Congress. He also recorded a video in support of Lee Bright.

“Lee Bright is a true constitutional conservative,” Congressman Massie stated. “He’ll be a strong asset to South Carolina and to our country when he's elected to Congress. Many politicians talk a good game during elections, but Lee has demonstrated he has the guts to do what is needed when others have remained quiet. He has fought against frivolous spending and big government in the South Carolina legislature, and I know he will do the same in Congress. I am pleased to endorse Lee and I look forward to having him help me drain the swamp.”

In response to Congressman Massie’s endorsement, Lee Bright said, “I’m incredibly honored to receive support from a conservative fighter like Congressman Massie. Mr. Massie has a strong record of fighting rampant spending in Washington and is known for his constitutional values. I am thankful for his endorsement and look forward to working with him in Washington to decrease the size of our government.”

This endorsement comes after Congressman Steve King flew to South Carolina last week to endorse and campaign with Lee Bright.