Lee Bright Announces "Ladies for Lee" Coalition

Greenville, S.C. - Saturday afternoon, conservative fighter Lee Bright announced yet another coalition of community leaders for his congressional campaign, after already announcing an impressive “Conservative Coalition” just days prior. This latest coalition, “Ladies for Lee”, boasts a strong list of highly influential women who are well-known in the community, particularly in Greenville county.

“It’s incredibly humbling to see the names of so many well-respected women leaders on this list,” remarked Lee Bright. “This just goes to show how our message is resonating with women voters all across the Fourth Congressional District. I believe my consistent voting record on pro-life issues has been a strong factor in forming this coalition, since I’m known as the guy who never once voted to fund Planned Parenthood. My opponent, on the other hand, voted to give money to that abortion-focused organization in order to get his pet projects funded, and I think that’s a massive ‘red flag’ to a lot of conservatives in the district. We need someone with backbone who will vote with conviction, rather than caving to political pressure.”

The below list of 54 names have been added to the growing “Ladies for Lee” coalition:

Wendy Nanney
Olga Lisinska
Karen Martin
Gerri McDaniel
Barb Taylor
Katie Mizell
Dianne Belsom
Janice McPhee
Angie Smith
Kim Verdin
Joan Boyce
Tammy Chumley
Eloise Verdin
Marlene Dowd
Monica Hill
Kathy Pflug
Stephanie Magnuson
Kathy Cadden
Brenda Lopez Stewart
Somer Flowers
Tammy Layton
Kimberly Davids
Nicole Cobb
Donna McJunkin Holder
Karen Mims
Taryn Chumley
Amy Martin
Karen Iacovelli
Ruth Sherlock
Amy Epting
Debbie Brown
Lynn Isler
Cheryl Martin
Magda Aguila
Patricia Fowler
Idell Koury
Elizabeth Fowler
Amanda Timms
Caryn Berry
Brittany Ackers
Brantlee Dillard Fulmer
Kim Helle
Bea Dillard
Linda Ring
Jo Snipes Murphy
Kaaren Mann
Sandra Mills Corley
Betty Jackson
Martha Nell Carpenter Fraley
Tammie Floyd Matthews
Marty Wagner Shanley

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