Senator Ted Cruz Announces Endorsement for Lee Bright

Greenville, SC - Tuesday morning, Senator Ted Cruz announced his strong endorsement for Lee Bright’s campaign for Congress. This is the third member of Congress to endorse Bright’s campaign, preceded by Representatives Steve King and Thomas Massie.

“A healthy republic requires active participation, and it's encouraging when conservatives step forward to run for office,” Remarked Senator Cruz. “I’m asking voters in South Carolina’s 4th District to carefully consider the choices before them, and to stand with the candidate who best reflects their conservative convictions. In the 4th District Congressional runoff, I am proud to endorse Lee Bright, and I urge voters there to join me by supporting him.”

In response to Senator Cruz’s endorsement, Lee Bright stated, “I am honored to be endorsed in this race by a fellow conservative fighter like Senator Ted Cruz,” said Mr. Bright. “Senator Cruz has led the charge for the conservative movement and is one of the few politicians we can trust in Congress. I look forward to working with him to fight the establishment in Washington and pass President Trump’s agenda.”