Conservatives Unite Behind Lee Bright

Greenville, SC - Conservative fighter Lee Bright has added more endorsements from conservative groups and leaders in South Carolina and across the country, including Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant, the Club for Growth, FreedomWorks, Tea Party Patriots, and many others.

“Conservatives in South Carolina and across the country understand the importance of this race. We certainly do not need another anti-Trump, establishment politician in Washington fighting against the conservative agenda,” said Bright. “The amazing group of leaders and organizations we have supporting our campaign is a sign that the establishment cannot buy this election.”

Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant stated, "I served with Lee Bright in the legislature. Lee Bright will never back down. He will fight the establishment. He will fight the trough-feeders and tax collectors. He will join President Trump in fighting the establishment. Lee Bright will be committed to you, the taxpayer, every step of the way. Please vote for Lee Bright for Congress on Tuesday."

“Club for Growth PAC is endorsing Lee Bright for Congress,” stated Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “Lee is the proven conservative in the runoff.  As a state senator, Lee demonstrated a long track record as a fiscal conservative. He was a reliable opponent to tax hikes, bloated budgets, and crony capitalism programs. Congress needs more liberty-minded conservatives like Lee Bright.”

FreedomWorks for America Executive Director, Noah Wall, commented: “FreedomWorks for America is fully behind Lee Bright and his campaign going into the runoff election. Like President Trump, Lee will work everyday to drain the swamp in Washington and defend South Carolinians’ individual liberties. As a lifelong resident of Spartanburg, Bright knows the fourth district and its values. He is dedicated to repealing Obamacare and is a steadfast fiscal conservative and defender of the Constitution. FreedomWorks for America is excited to endorse a strong candidate such as Lee Bright.”

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin today released the following statement: “For conservatives in South Carolina’s 4th congressional district, the choice is clear – Lee Bright is the right candidate for Congress. Through the course of his eight years in the state Senate, Lee has demonstrated he has the backbone necessary to stand and fight for our conservative principles. He believes that when government grows, liberty dies – and he lives by those beliefs.”

These latest endorsements are another addition to a growing list of conservative leaders and organizations:

Conservative Leaders:

  • Senator Ted Cruz
  • Congressman Steve King
  • Congressman Thomas Massie
  • Keven Bryant, Lt. Governor of South Carolina
  • Stephen Brown, former candidate for Congress and former Chairman of the Greenville County Republican Party.
  • James Epley, former candidate for Congress and President Trump Appointee
  • Dan Albert, former candidate for Congress
  • Barry Bell, former candidate for Congress
  • Rep. Bill Chumley, State House Representative, District 35
  • Rep. Jonathan Hill, State House Representative, District 8
  • Rep. Steven Long, State House Representative, District 37
  • Rep. Josiah Magnuson, State House Representative, District 38
  • Stewart Jones, Laurens County Councilman, District 4
  • Pressley Stutts, Chairman of the Greenville County TEA Party
  • Dianne Belsom, Founder and President of the Laurens County TEA Party
  • Dr. Bob Taylor, Former BJU Dean and current Greenville County Councilman
  • Wendy Nanney, Former State House Representative, District 22

Conservative Organizations:

  • Club for Growth
  • FreedomWorks
  • National Association of Gun Rights
  • Tea Party Patriots

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